Precise Flight's Leadership Team

Leading the Aviation Industry into the Next Generation of Safety and Performance.

For the past 37 years, Precise Flight has earned a reputation as an innovative, reliable supplier to all segments of the aviation industry. As our company approaches its 40th anniversary, Precise Flight's leadership team is developing the next generation of products and systems to make flying safer and the business of flying more profitable. In addition to innovation, quality, and reliability, Precise Flight's leadership team is steadfastly committed to providing our customers with the best customer service in the aviation industry. Customer service is the foundation of Precise Flight's culture, and each member of our leadership team cultivates our culture of excellent customer service on a daily basis. 

Meet the Precise Flight Leadership Team



Doug La Placa, CEO 

As the Chief Executive Officer of Precise Flight, Doug is responsible for the growth, profitability, and comprehensive success of the company. Doug works closely with Precise Flight's leadership team to continually enhance Precise Flight's culture of QUALITY, CUSTOMER SERVICE, and INNOVATION. Prior to joining Precise Flight, Doug served as a CEO in the economic development industry, working with cities to maximize their economies. Doug can be contacted at


Scott Greenstone, CFO

As the Chief Financial Officer of Precise Flight, Scott is responsible for the company’s comprehensive financial strategy and fiscal management. Scott is a licensed CPA with prior experience at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Prior to joining Precise Flight, Scott served in a variety of financial leadership roles in public accounting and financial consulting. In the aviation industry, Scott has established himself as an expert on the financial implications of bird strikes. Scott can be contacted at



Bill Hoback, Senior Director, Business Development

As Senior Director of Business Development, Bill is responsible for designing and implementing Precise Flight’s global sales strategy. Prior to joining Precise Flight, Bill worked for Cessna in a variety of roles, including assembly, quality, flight line, customer service, and special projects. Under Bill's leadership, the Precise Flight Sales Department provides superior customer service and attention to detail that our OEM and aftermarket customers have told us are the best in the industry. Bill can be contacted at



Aja Lillibridge, Director of Quality Assurance

As the Director of Quality Assurance for Precise Flight, Aja is responsible for the company's overall quality management system, repair station, and issuing airworthiness approvals. Aja has worked for Precise Flight for nine years and is responsible for ensuring adherence to all Federal Regulations and compliance with ISO quality accreditation standards. With her extensive experience in Quality and Repair Station management, Aja has become a respected leader amongst her peers in the aviation industry. Aja can be contacted at


Adam Robirts, Director of Operations and Production

As Precise Flight's Director of Operations and Production, Adam is responsible for ensuring the highest level of production and on-time delivery for Precise Flight's customers. Adam is skilled in project management, quality control, prototype machining and design, and 3D printing. Adam joined Precise Flight in 2006 and is experienced in all aspects of the production process as well as Research and Development. He is trained in the Principles of Lean Management and is committed to ensuring that Precise Flight's production environment is efficient and meets the most stringent standards of production and manufacturing. Adam can be reached at


Precise Flight's Engineering Team

As a company founded on innovation and precision, Precise Flight's engineering team drives the company forward by developing new products and designing systems that exceed the expectations of our customers. Our full-service engineering team consists of industry leaders who specialize in each discipline of aviation engineering.


Jeff Durr, Product Development Engineer

Jeff is the Product Development Engineer at Precise Flight. He has been with Precise Flight for 10 years. Prior to joining Precise Flight, Jeff worked for Intel Corporation for 26 years as a Senior Engineer and Manager developing hardware and software based products. Jeff graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology.


Tyler Tuttle, Lead Project Engineer

As the Lead Project Engineer, Tyler is responsible for total project management, including controlling budgets, negotiating subcontracts, and providing day-to-day communication with the engineering team to ensure jobs remain on schedule and within budget. With over 12 years of experience overseeing engineering product quality and innovation, Tyler previously worked as Senior Research Engineer and Product Design Engineering Team Leader for Bullet Manufacturing Company; and Aerospace Production Engineer for a Titanium Investment Casting Foundry.  Tyler graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. 


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