What Can Be Done to Make Your Aircraft More Visible?

The Pulselite® system provides an answer

Industry Acceptance: 84% of new Business Aviation Aircraft are equipped with the Pulselite® System.



Collision AvoidanceIt's Simple: If You Can See It, You Can Avoid It.

What are you doing to make yourself more visible? Moving lights create the illusion of exaggerated motion.

  • Your aircraft becomes visible for miles - even in fog or smog.
  • The Pulselite is required on aircraft and helicopters that assist in fire control in North America.
  • The system is proven in the harshest aviation environments when visual SAFETY is KEY.

Certified For Most Aircraft

Precise Flight has worked diligently to include nearly every aircraft or rotorcraft made with an STC for outfitting our Pulselite system.

  • Popular Business aircraft may have several combinations or options to make your aircraft more visible.
  • The Pulselite® is installed on over 20,000 aircraft worldwide.
  • Backed by a complete engineering department, Precise Flight has sample wiring diagrams available or can create one for your specific application.

Enhance the Capability of your Onboard Collision Avoidance System

  • The Pulselite System is patented (6,252,525) to tie in to your collision avoidance system to pulse or modify your existing external lights when you receive a traffic advisory.

  • This system is set up under pilot control.

  • Ensure that your aircraft is visible to other traffic from a distance. A collision avoidance system only alerts when aircraft is within close proximity.