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Woodland Aviation

Woodland Aviation
25170 Aviation Ave. Davis, CA 95616 United States 530-759-6036

Precise Flight Products Available at Woodland Aviation

  • All-in-One SOLO Pack with A-5 Flow Meter Product Number: ALLIN1SOLO

    Take the guesswork out of oxygen compatibility! The All-in-One Solo Pack is an all-inclusive oxygen kit for the passenger or pilot. The Solo Pack includes our All-in-One Connector kit, allowing you to connect to virtually any aircraft. The complete pack includes: Standard Face Mask, Oxymizer Cannula, FLOWGLOW (to illuminate flow meter in the dark), A-5 Flow Meter with tubing and Connector Kit. All oxygen hardware comes with Precise Flight's premier lifetime warranty.

  • Comfort Microphone Mask with Premium Mic Product Number: 020N0005-1

    Comfort Microphone Mask with Premium Microphone. Compatible with all general aviation oxygen systems, and perfect for use with Precise Flight's A-5 Flow Meter.

  • Standard Face Mask - Certified to 25,000 Feet Product Number: 020N0002-1

    Precise Flight's standard aviation face mask. Comfortable and quick donning, this mask is certified to 25,000 Ft., and works perfectly with Precise Flight's A-5 Flow Meters.

  • Oxymizer Cannula For Use With Flow Meters Product Number: 020N0001-1

    Replacement Oxymizer cannula for use with our A-5 Flow Meters.