HID & LED Lighting - Info

Benefits of LED Lighting

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Rigid Industries has revolutionized the lighting world by their combination of LED technology and cutting edge electronics, extremely durable housings, and highly efficient, patented optic systems. All Rigid Industries LED lighting components feature: Vibration Tested (MIL-STD-810G), Corrosion Tested (ASTM B1117), Submersion Tested (IP-68), Dust Tested (IP-68), Variable Voltage Range 9-36 VDC, Over / Under Voltage Protection, Full Range of Accessories & Mounting Options, Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens, GORE Pressure Equalizing Vent, Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Get More for Less

    Increase your light output and decrease your power consumption. Light is measured in Lumens per watt - the amount of light produced for every watt of electricity used. Rigid Industries LED Lights produce very high light output and require very little power to run them. This eliminates the need for additional power and reduces the drain on your battery compared to tradition lighting.

  • 50,000+ Hour LED Lifespan

    LED's are solid state devices with no moving parts. This means they are able to withstand shock and vibration better than traditional Halogen, HID, and Xenon lights. Rigid Industries LED Lights have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, compared to Halogen and Xenon lights which typically last up to 1,000 and 5,000 hours respectively. In any environment, Rigid Industries LED's are the logical choice.

  • Built to Last

    Rigid Industries LED Lights are manufactured to withstand the harshest environments that mother nature can dish out. Our LED lights are made with only the highest grade materials available. Rigid Industries' manufacturing process ensures LED Lights that are resistant to water penetration, shock and vibration. Touch them once, then sit back and admire the performance for the life of your aircraft. Everything should be this simple and enjoyable.

  • Clear & Consistent

    As traditional light bulbs age, their color, consistency, and brightness diminish. New replacement bulbs will look noticeably different compared to the remaining bulbs. Customized LED binning ensures only the highest consistency of LED color and brightness for our LED products. Rigid Industries LED Lights start up quickly and efficiently with little battery draw. HID and Xenon technologies quickly drain huge amounts of current at start up in order to power the bulbs.

Benefits of HID Lighting

  • Benefits of HID Lighting Over Traditional Bulbs

    A 35-watt HID lamp produces up to 6x the lumens of a standard landing light bulb, making night landings much easier.

  • Whiter Light

    While an incandescent or halogen light appears yellowish, HID lighting produces a light that is closer to that of natural sunlight.

    In most nighttime or bad weather situations, the combinations of a whiter color with a greater light output allows for a safer and more illuminated landing and taxi. In flight, they will stand out for miles ahead of standard lights. HID lights will allow you to see and be seen.

  • Reduced Power Consumption

    HID lamp systems draw significantly less power from your aircraft's electrical system.

  • Greater Product Life

    HID lamp systems are designed to virtually last the life of your aircraft. Due to the fact that they produce very little heat, draw only a percentage of the amperage and have such a long life, HID lights can be turned on when you start your plane and left on until you shut it off. This should be the last bulb you will have to change.

  • Distinctiveness

    Your aircraft will not only have the latest in lighting technologies, but will also have the eye-catching appeal. These lights will be noticed.

  • New Osram Gen 5 Ballast

    The smallest and quietest ballast is now available.

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