Built-In Oxygen System for Mooney

Precise Oxygen Equipment's newest, the Precise Fixed Oxygen System, is designed of rugged construction and built for light-weight, dependability and ease-of-use for supplying oxygen to the pilot and passengers. The System utilizes a 77 cu ft composite-wrapped cylinder, and provides a simple and efficient electronic display of oxygen quantity and a toggle switch for activating the flow of oxygen in the cabin. The system has been designed to allow user-calibration to altitude and individual requirements, and to provide warning to the pilot when oxygen should be used in the aircraft. The System is also designed to recognize flow and electrical problems. The filling port and quantity gauge are conveniently located in the baggage compartment.

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Kit Features

  • Dual pressure transducers
  • Internal altitude sensors to monitor internal pressure
  • No hazardous high pressure capillary oxygen lines
  • No mechanical actuation maintenance issues
  • Fail safe regulator actuation
  • A fill port with integral manual valve in the baggage bulkhead for convenient servicing
  • Oxygen supply even in the presence of electrical failure
  • Nickel plated brass, or stainless, and dual seals for all high-pressure oxygen components
  • Is designed to probe for any electrical problems prior to its engagement