Carrying Case With Seatback Harness

Padded carrying case for use with our cylinders. Includes seat harness. (Does not include cylinder)

Product Number

OX CC151



A New Level of Safety for the Modern Aircraft Interior 

Precise Flight's Safelock Cup Holder System represents a next-generation cup holder system for the aviation industry. As aircraft sales and air travel increase, so does the need for more innovative solutions for the modern aircraft interior. 


Safelock Technology 

The defining element of the Safelock Cup Holder System is the proprietary Safelock Technology that interlocks the Safelock Aviator Thermos and the Safelock Cup Holders. The Safelock interlocking technology creates a safe, secure connection between the drink ware and the Safelock Cup Holder that the user can lock and unlock with a quarter-turn. The Safelock connection is extremely secure and will not disengage, even in significant turbulence. Safelock Cup Holders are also compatible with all standard and commonly used drinkware. 

Designed for Durability 

In addition to being made from high quality and durable machined aluminum parts, the Safelock Cup Holder is designed to fold shut rather than break when accidentally stepped on from above (the most common cause of aircraft cupholders breaking).

Versatility in Form - Console and Interior Mounted Modules

The Safelock Cup Holder System can be easily integrated into the aircraft’s existing beverage console design, allowing for minimal design work and maximum safety of beverages and drinkware. The Safelock Cup Holder System is also available as an interior mounted module, which can be installed on the interior wall of the cabin. This option allows easy access to beverages while causing little obtrusion into cabin space while the module is closed.

Strong Lightweight Construction and Customized Covers

The Safelock Cup Holder System is manufactured with machined aluminum parts that are designed to last the lifetime of the aircraft. Additionally, the wall-mounted folding Safelock Cup Holder comes with a customizable badge on the front cover that can reflect a logo, tail number, or any other custom design.

Product Details

Padded carrying case for use with our cylinders. Includes seat harness. (Does not include cylinder)

Comes In:

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black