SpeedBrakes - Info

Benefits of SpeedBrakes™

  • Double your aircraft's normal rate of descent without reducing power or using landing gear.
  • Maintain engine power and aircraft maneuvering speed without build-up in speed.
  • Reduce engine shock cooling.
  • Smooth turbulence and quickly slow to turbulent air penetration speeds.
  • Deployable at or near Vne for an instantaneous reduction in speed.
  • Read what AOPA has to say (pdf)


  • Double parasitic drag on the aircraft.
  • Decrease lift.
  • Minimize asymmetric lift and drag reducing likelihood of entering a spin.
  • Increases wing loading and smooths the aircraft response to turbulence.
  • Decreases lift allowing for better control in crosswinds and assists with braking.


  • Installed weight:  (9 lbs.)
  • Average descent with SpeedBrakes deployed:  (1500-1900 fpm)
  • Average installation time:  (35-40 hours)
  • Electrically actuated (no cables, hydraulics or pulleys).
  • Asymmetric deployment protection.
  • Power failure protection.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Lighted on/off switch indicating SpeedBrake deployment.
  • SpeedBrakes stow flush with wing skin surface.