Be Seen. Be Safe. The Pulselite® System Reduces Bird Strikes.

Precise Flight's patented Pulselite® technology is the only onboard solution to reduce costly birdstrikes to aircraft. Available and certified for a wide variety of aircraft, large and small, fixed wing and rotor, the Pulselite switch is designed to pulse your aircraft's existing lights.

Bird Strike Prevention

The Pulselite® System has been installed on more than 25,000 aircraft of all categories, including airline jets, business jets, general fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. The Pulselite® System serves two purposes - to reduce bird strikes and to increase aircraft recognition for collision avoidance with other aircraft. The Pulselite® System features patented TCAS integration to enhance the margin of safety.

Precise Flight's Pulselite switches are installed on some of the world's safest airlines, including Qantas and Alaska Airlines. Research has shown that the planes equipped with the pulselite technology experience up to 60% fewer bird strikes, saving airlines millions of dollars annually, while increasing passenger safety. 

Make Your Aircraft More Visible

The greatest benefit of the Pulselite system is found on commercial aircraft. In the air everyday, in all weather and conditions visibility is key to safety. Airlines that pulse their lights exhibit a lower occurrence of near miss events. Air Traffic Controllers and other pilots alike know that pulsing lights make an aircraft much more visible throughout all phases of taxiing and flight. 

Cost Savings on Existing Aircraft Lighting

Because the Pulselite switch modulates your existing lights, it allows the filament and bulb to run at a lower temperature. The bulb retains full rated candle power; less heat, less stress, more visibility. It's a win-win situation. When using landing lights for visibility, you'll experience the highest visual benefit and save on bulb replacements and maintenance.


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Recent Pulselite® System Press

ROTOR MAGAZINE:  "Pulsing Exterior Lights Save Lives: Mitigating Bird Strikes"

Maverick Helicopters, one of the largest fleet operators in the country, recently published a case study highlighting their 8 year test and success with using the Pulselite System to eliminate major bird strikes. Click here to read their case study or follow this link to read the Winter ROTOR Magazine article featuring Maverick's experience with the Pulselite System.

VERTICAL MAGAZINE:  "Metro Study Proves Pulselite’s Worth in Preventing Bird Strikes"

Use of the Precise Flight Inc. Pulselite System is a significant factor in reducing the number of bird strikes with aircraft, a new study conducted by Metro Aviation has found. Click here to read the story online.


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