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What does it take to get noticed?

For more than 30 years, the answer for rotorcraft has been the Pulselite® System.

The Pulselite® System is simple and straight forward - it pulses your helicopter's existing lights, which increases the recognition of your helicopter, both to other pilots and to birds.  The Pulselite® System is an aircraft safety system that significantly reduces the chances for bird strikes, as well as midair and ground collisions with other aircraft or vehicles.

According to the FAA, bird strikes to helicopters have increased more than 700% since the early 2000’s. Additionally, Helicopter Association International reports that air medical services are now reporting an average of one bird strike every week – and the problem is getting worse.  The US Fish and Wildlife has warned the rotorcraft industry that Canada goose populations in North America increased from 500,000 in 1980 to over 3.8 million today. During the same period, the Snow goose population increased from 2.1 million to 6.6 million. 

Precise Flight’s Pulselite® System is the only FAA certified onboard solution proven to substantially reduce bird strikes, and greatly improve aircraft recognition to other pilots.

Using the Pulselite® System, Qantas Airways experienced an average reduction in bird strikes of 48%.  The FAA and ICAO reported a 32% decrease in Alaska's bird strikes for the three-year period after installing the Pulselite® System compared to the three-year period before installing the Pulselite® System.  During the same three-year periods, the FAA and ICAO reported a 12% increase in bird strikes for all other major domestic airlines combined. Effectively, this means that Alaska's bird strikes dropped by 44% in relation to the domestic airline industry average trend.

Rotorcraft operators have experienced even better bird strike reduction results with the Pulselite® System.

Maverick Helicopters, one of the largest fleet operators in the country, recently published a case study highlighting their 8 year test and success with using the Pulselite System to eliminate major bird strikes. Click here to read their case study or follow this link to read the 2018 Winter ROTOR Magazine article featuring Maverick's experience with the Pulselite System.

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. is the most recent global aviation company to install the Pulselite® System on their models (see attached press release). In the US, Canada and Australia, the Pulselite® System is required aboard all firefighting helicopters with government contracts. It is also required equipment to be a member of T.O.P.S. (Tour Operators Program of Safety).

The following are some testimonials from a few of the thousands of rotorcraft operators around the world who use the Pulselite® System.

John Mandernach, Vice President of Maintenance, Maverick Helicopters: “I preach to everyone who will listen about the effectiveness of the Pulselite System. Since installing the Pulselite System on our fleet, the number of bird strikes we were experiencing has been virtually eliminated. It's been over seven years and 250,000 flight hours since our last bird strike. Prior to installing the Pulselite System, we were experiencing a near fatal bird strike every two years. In addition to its effectiveness in reducing bird strikes, the Pulselite System significantly increases the conspicuity of our helicopters, and that makes flying much safer for everyone. It's a very easy installation, and I believe the Pulselite System is a must-have for safety."

Ed Stockhausen, Director of Safety, Metro Aviation: “Before using the Pulselite System, I used to characterize bird strikes as unpreventable.  I no longer look at bird strikes that way. Using the Pulselite System, Metro Aviation, based on data and studies, expects 6 times fewer bird strikes in migratory paths, and 3 times fewer bird strikes overall. The Pulselite System is an excellent product and we are systematically retrofitting the fleet. I would recommend each operator evaluate their data and operational profile to validate what we have determined to be a valuable modification.”

Julio Alvarez, Fleet Manager, Papillion – The World’s Largest Aerial Sightseeing Company:  "The Pulselite System is installed on our entire fleet because it significantly enhances the safety of our pilots, employees, and customers. The increased visibility created by the Pulselite System decreases the threat of midair and ground collisions, and significantly reduces the frequency of bird strikes. The Pulselite System is ultra-reliable, easy to install, and it performs well in any condition. I believe it should be a standard safety measure on all rotorcraft.   

Jen Boyer, Executive Director, Tour Operators Program of Safety (TOPS): “For more than twenty years, the Tour Operators Program of Safety – or TOPS – has been dedicated to enhancing helicopter tour safety by requiring our members to meet requirements above those set by the FAA. The result has been a cumulative safety record much higher than that of general aviation. One such TOPS requirement is alternating avoidance lighting to increase aircraft visibility and decrease the chance of midair and ground collisions. Many of our members choose to use the Pulselite System to meet this requirement.“

Dan Schwartzbach, Senior Officer/Pilot, Houston Police Department: “We purchased the Pulselite® System for the extra safety margin it afforded us by making us more visible, especially during daylight, to other aircraft operating in proximity to us. In many police aircraft operations, multiple media aircraft converge on our scenes. Using the Pulselite® System gives additional peace of mind that we will be seen and avoided.”(Note:  Officer Schwartzbach’s entire fleet of rotary and fixed wing aircraft are equipped with the Pulselite® System)

Lindsay Cunningham, Director of Aviation Safety, Airbus Helicopters, Inc.:   “Airbus Helicopters is committed to being the industry leader in safety and innovation. Bird strikes are a growing problem for helicopter operators. We are optimistic that the Pulselite System will help to reduce the number of occurrences, and we are proud to offer it as an option to our customers.”

The standard in recognition

Pulselite alternately flashes existing landing, taxi and recognition lights 45 times per minute in a pattern that dramatically increases the visibility of your aircraft.

Benefits of Pulselite®

  • The Safety of Your Passengers

    Amid increased air traffic and ground lighting, the safety of your passengers often times depends on how well other pilots see your aircraft.  The Pulselite® System substantially improves the recognition of your aircraft

  • Industry Acceptance

    84% of all business aviation aircraft are equipped with a Pulselite® system.

  • Collision Avoidance

    It's really quite simple: if you see it you can avoid it. What are you doing to make yourself more visible? Enhance the capability of your Onboard Collision Avoidance System and increase lamp life up to 5 times.

  • Reduce the Likelihood of Birdstrikes

    Give birds more time to better discern aircraft position and speed, so as to reduce collisions.

  • Certified For Most Aircraft

    FAA approved with Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for virtually all corporate, general aviation, rotorcraft and commercial aircraft, the Pulselite® is installed on more than 25,000 aircraft worldwide. Backed by a complete engineering department, Precise Flight has sample wiring diagrams available, or can create one for your specific application.

See the Pulselite System in Action

PFI Pulselite for Rotorcraft from Precise Flight on Vimeo.

Product Categories

Our Customers Represent Leaders in Rotorcraft Safety

Since its introduction, over 25,000 Pulselite Avoidance Systems have been sold for use on fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft. The ever increasing list of public service and commercial operators using Pulselite Avoidance Systems on their fleets includes:

  • Maverick Helicopters
  • Metro Aviation
  • Air Logistics
  • Air Methods
  • Great Slave Helicopters
  • Blue Hawaiian
  • ERA
  • Erickson
  • Forrestalle
  • Houston Police Department
  • LA Police Department
  • Orange County Sheriff
  • PHI
  • Sterling Aviation
  • TAMS
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Forest Service

Operational Safety:

  • Improved Visibility
  • Reduced Birdstrikes
  • TCAS Interface Auto Activating Pulselite

Saves Money Through:

  • Tripling Normal Lamp Life
  • Reduced Damage from Birdstrikes
  • Quick and Simple Installation

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