Aviators Rescue Ruck - PRO Model

Precise Flight's Aviator's Rescue Ruck Pro Model is the highest-quality, most complete, and lightest rescue ruck available to pilots. The Aviator's Rescue r\Ruck Pro Model offers food, water, shelter, weather protection, medical, cooking utensils, matches, communication devices, tools and more! It provides everything nessessary to keep 2 PEOPLE SAFE FOR UP TO 7 DAYS. Equipped with leading edge survival brands like Gerber, Best Glide ASE, and Adventure Medical Kits, the Aviator's Rescue Ruck Pro offers quality essentials when you need it most. The Rescue Ruck Pro Model is fully customizable to feature your company logo and branding. Meets requirements for Alaskan State law AS 02.25.110 (Emergency Rations & Equipment) Meets Canadian Aviation Regulation 602.61 (Survivor Equipment, Flights Over Land) Meets USFS Solicitation number AG-024B-S-11-9006 (Section C, Exhibit 1, 2, and 3)

Product Number

SK 004

The Rescue Ruck includes: food rations, water rations, camping pan, camping stove, water tablets, waterproof matches, first aid kit, SAS Survival Guide , tissues, sunscreen, insect repellent, emergency blankets, emergency ponchos, camping tent, multi tool, flashlight/radio, survival whistle, gloves, glowstick, rope, duct tape, backpack, anti-septic towelettes, biohazard bag, bandage scissors, protective gown, mosquito head net, 4" bandage compresses, mouth-to-mouth barrier with shield, adhesive tape, roller bandage, triangular bandage, 9 hour candles, stormproof matches, waterproof match case, axe, survival fishing kit, latex gloves. MUST BUY YOUR OWN FLARES. ADDITIONAL WINTER SUPPLIES MIGHT BE REQUIRED BY SOME REGULATORY AGENCIES FROM OCTOBER THROUGH APRIL. CHECK WITH YOUR REGULATORY AGENCY. PRECISE FLIGHT IS THE INDUSTRY LEADER IN AVIATION SAFETY AND PERFORMANCE.