Aerospace Tube Fabrication

Precise Flight understands the unique needs and challenges of tube fabrication in the aerospace industry.

Over the past 16 years, Precise Flight has risen to be one of the premier tube fabricators in the aerospace industry.

From fuel lines, oxygen lines, and hydraulic lines – to nitrogen lines, engine lines, and everything in between, Precise Flight’s tube fabrication division has established a reputation of excellence and reliability with many of the leading manufacturers in aerospace, including: Cirrus Aircraft, Mooney International, Quest Aircraft Company, and Epic Aircraft. 

Precise Flight’s state-of-the-art tube fabrication facility includes: two CNC 3-Axis Bending Machines, hydraulic and pneumatic double-strike flaring machines, precision cold saws, ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing tubs, a state of the art ISO Class 8 certified clean room, custom labeling and packaging machines, ovens and air dryers for all sizes of lines, and a comprehensive assortment of custom tooling and hand tools to accomplish even the most complex of bends.

Precise Flight’s Quality Control department has been recognized as a leader throughout the aerospace industry and implements a three-tiered inspection process on every line before we ship it to our customers. The result is an extraordinarily high quality rating with our customers.

We back all of our lines with a lifetime warranty, offer a 24-hour replacement program on all OEM lines, and offer custom labeling and packaging on all lines.

What truly sets Precise Flight's Aerospace Tube Fabrication division apart from the competition is our comprehensive network of experts. In addition to our internal team, we work with a bullpen of the most innovative and experienced tube fabricators in the business. There has not been a tube fabrication challenge that we have not been able to solve. We can also provide tube fabrication consultation to OEMs during the design phase.

Call us today to learn how Precise Flight’s Aerospace Tube Fabrication Division can decrease your costs, while improving quality and customer service.